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"In 1973 She graduated Lvov State University in Ukraine, Dentist. Before using Cosmoenergy sessions she had osteoporosis and family relations issues. After sessions She is healthy and the family relations were improved." ~ P. G. I.

In 1971 She had graduated from the Khabarovsk Medical institute, Russia, medical school. Before Cosmoenergy sessions she has hypertensive illness, and urology problems. After sessions, the stone from left kidney had been gone and blood pressure stabilized without drugs." ~ D. L. G.

"In 1992 She had graduated Kyrgyz State. Medical Academy in Bishkek, the dentist. Before Cosmoenergy sessions she has panic attacks and depression, a disturbing syndrome with the adynamy phenomena. After sessions improvement of the general condition improved and She built the positive perception of surrounding reality." ~ K. Y. P.

"In 1975 She had graduated the Volgograd Medical Institute, Russia, the doctor, the pediatrician-allergist. Before Cosmoenergy sessions she had irritability, fear, drowsiness, depressions. After two courses of Cosmoenergy sessions all symptoms disappeared." ~ V. L. I.

"In 1971 Doctor therapist had graduated from the Aktyubinsk medical institute, medical faculty. Before sessions he had hypertonic illness, kidney stone. After 2 sessions of Cosmoenergy treatment patient have been almost healthy without hypertonia, stones in kidneys have been disappeared and pressure was normalized." ~ A. S. T.

"In 2000 he had graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, the doctor – the urologist. Before sessions – trauma of the left knee, pain and limitation in movement and a trauma of lumbar department of a backbone. After sessions all pains passed and passed limitation in movement." ~ P. E. V.

"In 1972 the obstetrician-gynecologist doctor had finished the Dnepropetrovsk medical institute. Before sessions of the Cosmoenergy she had widespread osteochondrosis, chronic obstructive bronchitis, a back pains, short wind. After sessions a back pains had disappeared, absence of short wind, working capacity increased, creative abilities (painting) opened." ~ L. M. I.

"In 1988 the obstetrician-gynecologist finished the Dnepropetrovsk medical institute, Ukraine. Before Cosmoenergy sessions she had arthritis, foot and back pains, After 2 sessions arthritis, foot and back pains decreased." ~ K.I. N.


A wealth of statistical data has been gathered and thousands of people have been surveyed in the last ten years of scientific research.

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