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In 2011 American scientists Saul Perlmutter from University of California in Berkley and Adam Raines from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore together with Brian Schmidt from Australian National University became the Nobel Prize laureates in physics for proving the accelerated expansion of the Universe.


According to data from the NASA spacecraft WMAP (Wilkinson Microware Anisotropy Probe) designated to study the relict radiation formed as a result of the Big Bang, the Universe consists of 74% of dark energy, 22% of dark matter, 3.6% of intergalactic gas, and only 0.4% of stars, planets, comets, etc. Fourteen years have passed since the discovery of dark energy, but science still does not exactly know what dark energy is. Success of the therapeutic method of Cosmoenergy was confirmed by many scientific studies that were first conducted by the Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov and Institute of Psychology and Cosmoenergy and later continued by the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation. Cosmoenergy today has a solid evidence base for confirming the existence of cosmic energy channels.

The widespread and real success of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions for health improvement purposes has been recorded in thousands of documents from various Cosmoenergy centers of the Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov in Russia and abroad. Eight patents have been received – two in Russian Federation and six in European Union – that prove not only reality and objectivity of channels, but also their restorative effects on a patient’s health.


More than 10 years of scientific studies of several thousand patients have provided considerable statistical data.


The success of the therapeutic method of Emil Bagirov has been proven by numerous scientific studies:

"Dynamics of psychophysiological indicators in patients with neurotic disorders during the Cosmoenergy sessions." The study has been posted in various scientific journals, including the "Medical Science" journal in 2008, under the Psychiatry section #6. The study proves the benefits of Cosmoenergy sessions in treatment of neurotic disorders and depression.

The study "Effectiveness of Cosmoenergy Sessions in Improving Human Health" published in the "Medical Science" journal in 2011, section #6, also demonstrates the positive effects of Cosmoenergy sessions during patients' recovery from various diseases.


Scientific studies of the method’s results continue to this day. The results of the studies prove again and again the objectivity and effectiveness of the Classic Cosmoenergy method. 


World Health Organization Member

In 2009 the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation of was officially recognized by the highest medical authority — the World Health Organization (WHO).

Now the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation is an official member of the World Health Organization (WHO).


For additional information about the World Health Organization and Classic Cosmoenergy Federation:



The scientific studies of the method resulted in a series of patents – patent of the Russian Federation #2270804 from February 27, 2006 "A method of producing an activated liquid".

Patents granted in the European Union, patent CIG 01N 33/50 from February 15, 2007 "A method for determining the effectiveness of treatment of chronic gastritis and reflux esophagitis"  and others.


From 2001 to the present day, the International Federation of Classical Cosmoenergy has been conducting clinical research in different health care facilities in Russia and other countries. A wealth of statistical data has been gathered and thousands of people have been surveyed in the last ten years of scientific research.


The results of various scientific studies of the method are published periodically in a number of Russian journals, such as:

"Medical Science",

"Current Issues of Modern Science",

"Humanitarian and Technical Sciences",

"Post-Graduate Students," etc.

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