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In his time, Confucius formulated his Golden Rule in the “Talks and opinions”: 

"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself". 


This is an ideal rule for an individual, combining both spiritual and moral greatness providing the right for higher social status.


Cosmoenergy is a method based on the use of so-called cosmic “energy-informational” fields or “channels” that possess healing properties. The healing processes are realized with help of yet-to-be-determined by science but quite material physical mechanisms of interaction “Cosmoenergy practitioner–patient.” The most probable hypothesis suggests that such interactions use “something” from the arsenal of the already recognized but scientifically untested by physical information-enthalpy fields called “channels.” It would probably be appropriate to expect a real manifestation of material traces of “dark cosmic matter” in this case.


According to current scientific studies, the matter visible to us is only one part of that which makes up our world. The remaining part is something that we know almost nothing about. This mysterious “something” was named “dark matter.”

Looking back in the history, we will note that the greatest scientific discoveries were the result of the most insignificant controversies. As such, in 16th century, Copernicus suggested that Earth was not located in the center of the Universe, a model based on the measured movement of celestial bodies. Dr. Niels Bohr’s, the physicist, developed ideas about the notion of complementarity that were considered “wild and fantastical” and dismissed as: “If the absurd that Bohr has just published is correct, then we can quit our careers as physicists right now, throw all physics into a landfill and go there ourselves” (Otto Stern, 1913 Nobel prize laureate). The theory of thermodynamics was followed by statements like “Nonsense under the guise of science” (F. I. Fedorov, B. I. Stepanov, Academy of Sciences Magazine, Belorussian Soviet Socialistic Republic, 1974, #5, p. 131-133).


At the end of the 20th century – beginning of the 21st century, yet another revolution commenced with the discovery that the expansion of the Universe was accelerating. As a result of observing small variations in the brightness of the exploding stars, astronomers developed a theory demonstrating that 74% of the energy in our Universe is unknown. All space is filled with some “substance”, exotic “energy” which varies from all substance known to science and generates a repulsion effect. This substance was named “dark energy” by science.


“Cosmoenergy: The Human Biofield and Chakras: Concepts and Processes"

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Cosmoenergy in its own way is ahead of its time-which explains why the path of its development was not strewn with roses. Unfortunately, the process of a person’s development is not always pain-free. This is true not only for individuals but for cultures at large. Cosmoenergy allows us to not only ease physical ailments, but to define and eliminate the roots causes of illness, which lie hidden in the emotional, mental and other subtle planes. (Emil Bagirov, © 2012) was registered by the Library of Congress of the United States. 

"Handbook for Practitioners of Classical Cosmoenergy by School of Emil Bagirov"

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The first volume describes the methodology of Classical Cosmoenergy as defined by the Classical Cosmoenergy School of Emil Bagirov. It includes theory as well as practical rules and recommendations for working with the informational component of the Universe, the so-called channels.” The handbook is intended for all students of Classical Cosmoenergy School of Emil Bagirov. The second volume contains detailed descriptions and practical recommendations for all channels of the Buddhist, Magic, Magister and Zoroastrism groups.

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