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If your regular life began as unbearable, if there was discomfort, anxiety, depression, nervous breakdowns, and so on.

If, patience bursts, strange thoughts arise, and out of your mouth sound profanity, hysteria scents, heightened feelings of guilt and resentment, confused thoughts, actions are not always logical, already tried all the ways to stop the deterioration of material well-being — then it's classified knowingly got into your hands.

This method to cope with the restoration of the disturbed state activates the internal resources and capabilities quickly and easily!

Knowledge obtained at the seminar will enable you to work with each other and with those of similar fates.

Our work

We, as each member, have to use this method, which we received from The President of ICCF  Emil Bagirov  without changes to or applying variations of new technics or new practices. Like of  The Federation has programs for promoting research, training, and treatment in the fields of Cosmoenergy and Complementary Bioenergetics in application to diseases and disorders.


The main focus of the Association work regarding ICCF is to develop a method (plan) of providing the healing of existing deficiencies of people and to educate in the techniques of Cosmoenergy. It is the goal of the Association to make available to the people of the world access to Universal Cosmoenergy. Universal Cosmoenergy is of a sacral knowledge of the whole Universe. The Association is of benefit to man not only by providing a way of being healed, but also for obtaining instruction of the alternative healing methods, known as traditional medicine.


 Cosmoenergy will provide the people of the world a means of a healthy way of life and promote human values. It is with use of Universal Cosmoenergy and psychology as presented by Emile Bagirov, that the fate and health of most any person worldwide could be changed.


Our presence

The AAPEBM members performs with seminars, teachings, and treatment in the following towns of the United States of America: Portland, Turlock, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, and Internationally with countries of Australia and the states of Europe.

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